Inner Force

Search your inner strength, find the self within
Explore your consciousness, set out on your quest
I'm an illusion
Maybe not real
Just a reflection
Of inner fears that drowned your beliefs

Here I come through space and time
Born from your nightmares
But modeled byt energy of life

You can decipher
From night I rise
An improved version
Of everything you didn't dare to start

Don't you recognize your eyes in mine?
If you only looked up in the sky
You would be able to see
The sun rises always near
Every morning shines and waits for you to live

You have fed your perfect hell, have built your fears
Have set your downfall

You have fed your perfect hell,
Have built your fears: Have set your downfall
Seek deep in your soul and you will find the true self
That lies within you, deep down inside

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