For The Heart I Once Had

She’s so perfect and it kills me that I’m not better for her. Her smile out does the sun, her eyes pierce me like daggers, and her voice is that of a sirens. She means the world do me an I would do anything to make her smile or laugh. Just one look from her and I am caught. I can’t look away. I love her.  She means to me more than anyone else. Touched my heart in a way that no one has ever done.

Ela é o tipo de amor pelo qual valia a pena arriscar tudo,
o tipo de amor que era tão raro quanto um vislumbre do paraíso.

"If you read this line, remember not the hand that wrote it
Remember only the verse, songmaker's cry, the one without tears
For I've given this its strength and it has become my only strength.
Comforting home, mother's lap, chance for immortality
Where being wanted became a thrill I never knew
The sweet piano writing down my life"

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