Twin Stars

In order to take back the light I lost,
I'll release those emotions I'd left to the heavens!

How long have I been standing still like this?
Despite taking a vow I would become stronger than anyone else!
As if erasing a past that never panned out,
We'll keep seeking that promised place -
Twin stars join in the sky to lead us on our way.

If I'm with you, I can overcome any path that lies before me -
The bonds we've shared will be my power!

Letting loose, we cut through the darkness,
Heading for those twin stars we seek!
We'll keep fighting hand in hand,
Until this world comes to an end!
Again and again, we'll take our stand,
So keep your eyes ahead and never stop - heading toward that sky!

I'm still able to hear your voice,
So I can keep on fighting!
This feeling that was nearly forgotten,
Will be Re:Called here and now!

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