Starry Sky

Coloquem em 1:10 e assistam

That's everything that I have.

This starry sky.

What I have is no more than this.

What I can give you, is no more than this.

No more than this... and everything.

Right now, I'm afraid of losing you.

But you know, even though my life till now hasn't been a happy one,

If the reason I was able to catch your eye is precisely because I was unhappy...

Then I can be glad.

That's how much I've fallen for you.

That's why I promise I'll do something about it,

So I want you to wait to do that just a while longer.

That's why, of all that I can give you right now.

Right now, this starry sky is the last thing.

It's my treasure.

"Once upon a tale
An Ugly Duckling
Lost in a verse
Of a sparrows carol
Dreaming the stars"

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